Established in 1986 Romano Home Inspection Co. Inc
We service Boston to the North Shore, Metro West, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine.  We conduct residential and commercial inspections.  

John is proud a member American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI ® #94994

All home inspections for single family homes or with four units or less in any one building are performed
to Massachusetts Standards of Practice, New Hampshire Standards of Practice and code of ethics.  

Did you know homes, condo's with m
than 4 units in a building are not regulated under Massachusetts 266.CMR standards of practice or New Hampshire 600. standards of practice.  However, we follow the same inspection procedure and write up the same report but omit the language regarding the those standards and codes of ethics.  

Why hire Romano Home Inspection Co. Inc. 
32 Years of experience in Home Inspections.    
We have vast knowledge with construction of;

  • Wood framed buildings
  • Timber frame building
  • Antique buildings
  •  Log homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Multi unit buildings
  • Condos 
  • Mix use buildings
  • Commercial buildings

We offer residential and commercial inspections. 

We also offer consulting services and exert witness with regards to homes, condos, and septic systems. We are fully insured.  

Our licenses and certifications include;

  • Ma. Home Inspection
  • NH Home Inspection
  • Ma. construction supervisor
  • Ma. Oil burner
  • Nation wide HVAC RRR certification
  • Wood destroying insects
  • Carbon Monoxide inspections 

John is a retired Ma. Title 5 septic systems inspector and retired Ma. Soil Evaluator. We offer consulting with septic systems.    

At Romano Home Inspection we do not put time limits on our inspections.  The inspection takes as long as it takes.  We will not leave the inspection site until you have a good understanding of the homes good points and issues uncovered during the inspection.

Buyer Beware: There is a of real estate agents which have been advising home or condo buyers who are in the process of purchasing a property or are under contract to purchase a property not to hire my services because my inspections will kill the deal. Lately this is growing trend. This also happens to other thorough inspectors like me who take their job seriously.  Think of it, it you are purchasing a home or condo and the cost of the property is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and or over a million or two, would you want an thorough inspector who works for you.  I think the answer is YES.  This negative trend and has convinced me to write a positive response.

I have been inspecting residential homes and condo's for 32 years and hold many licenses. My knowledge of residential antique and middle age to new homes, condo's, is what makes me a thorough inspector. My inspection reports are second to none. I know where homes degrade because of many issues mostly from inconsistent construction practices, deferred maintenance, water and moisture which may be visible and or causes concealed damage. It is concealed damage that tends to be more of an issue with repairs and costs of repairs than simple visible wood rot. I POINT THOSE CONCERNS OUT.

It is my responsibility as a Licensed Home Inspector to DO MY JOB. Doing my job thoroughly will put my clients in a position of better understanding the property they may be purchasing even if it makes real estate agents uncomfortable because of the purchase may need more time for additional  evaluations and cost estimates to determine the course and funds for repairs. And yes, my client (the home buyer) may back out of the deal. That is the clients decision.


This all said, not all real estate agents feel this way about me and my services and I commend them for that because they too want the best for their clients and yes I do get some referrals from them.

You being a home buyer have to ask yourself a question, who do I want inspecting future home or condo, someone who has 32 years of of performing home inspections, has a construction, heating, cooling, wood destroying insect licenses, certifications and experience in those fields besides home inspection or do you want to take a chance on another.

I follow Massachusetts and New Hampshire Standards of practice and code of ethics for licensed home inspectors. Those standards and ethics are a base line thst all inspectors must follow. As an inspector if you know more than just the standards, should you pass that added knowledge onto your client. I would hope so and WE DO.

Did you know it is against Massachusetts Home Inspection law for real estate agents representing home or condo owners with units 4 and under from referring a home inspector or inspectors. They must provide a list of all licensed home inspectors in the state. 

Did you know a real estate agent in Massachusetts representing the buyer of a home or condo may refer at least a minimum of three licensed home inspectors.

To all home and condo buyers out there I wish you well with your inspection and hope you get a good understanding of what you may be purchasing.

Secondly, We strongly encourage all of our clients to accompany us during the inspection. I suggest you wear clothing you don't mind getting a little dirty as I may want you to look at an area of concern.  You should feel free to ask the me any questions you may have during the inspection process. I will point out areas of the home that may be an issue and explain them to you. I will also show you the good points as well. Plus, we will explain what routine maintenance needed to keep the building in top condition. This will help you to get the most benefit from the inspection and gain the most understanding of the systems that make up your future home, condo, mobile home and how to maintain it.

You will receive a comprehensive narrative written report typically 50 plus pages (email) with photos and diagrams that is easy to understand. Everything identified during the inspection will be included in the report.

Armed with the information our report will provide, you can make your decision with confidence.

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